Growth Strategy

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Phase 1: Initiation

1-      Analysis set of product to build all Minds contribute in its design and build a small Mind knowledge base.

2-      Build some algorithms for Solution Service.

3-      Apply Solution Service manually.

4-      Select set of products and Solution Service.

5-      Provide Proof of Concept to the Solution Service result.

In this phase the company has small number of employees but introduce big ideas. All work it project oriented.

Phase 2: After we reasonable set of Solution Proof of Concepts

1-      Do PhD for to explore all ways for solution algorithms and make comparison between pros and cons for all ways.

2-      Write our first software for Solution Service.

3-      Build up our website and open registering for companies for post requirements or add new Mind.

In this phase the company emphases on operation and have medium number of employees.

Phase 3: After we reasonable set of companies

1-      We introduce some standards and process to let any company has UnMind Certificate which means the company employs the bower of human mind standards.

2-      We open registration for persons and organization.


In this phase the company have big number of employees most of theme auditor to give companies the UniMind certificate.